The Alpha UI for National administration

23 Aug , 2017 Particle Nations

The Alpha UI for National administration

Notice: We promise next time we will be showing in-game footage. Please enjoy this wrap up on the UI meanwhile. The path of perfecting anything is fun. Knowing you will never get there takes the pressure off it. That said, in a production schedule you must have milestones to know when to call it “good enough”, bring the product up […]

Moar buildings, moar capacities!

31 Jul , 2017 Particle Nations

Moar buildings, moar capacities!

Before we unveil the most polished UI we’ve drafted so far, I wanted to talk about the progress done to date on the development. It’s not fancy, there are no pictures to show, but it is at the core of the simulation, and that’s why we are all here. More of everything Initially I was aiming […]

Sliders. Sliders everywhere!

12 Jul , 2017 Particle Nations

Sliders. Sliders everywhere!

Meme out of the way, Sliders are an important component of many management games, and it’s very easy to fall in the trap of putting down lazy sliders. Sliders in Particle Nations Sliders are one of the most important means to configure your Nation. You will use them for Taxes, Budgets, and setting certain restrictions or behaviors. In example: Setting […]

A Graphical User Interface to manage a Nation

14 Jun , 2017 Particle Nations

Last time we took a look into how Supply and Demand works in Particle Nation, which is a core component of the simulation. For this post we are going to be sitting around the drawing board, as I’d like to share the latest on the UI for Particle Nation. Please note that all drafts in this article are […]

Simulating Supply and Demand in a Nation

9 May , 2017 Particle Nations

On the last post I introduced Particle Nation and talked about what makes it’s simulation unique, from the technical aspect with Elastic Simulation, as well from the simulation aspect with Generational Simulation. One thing that remained untouched is actually a core mechanic for both gameplay and simulation: the Supply & Demand system. Supply & Demand basics For the sake of […]

Particle Nation rises from prototyping spree

1 May , 2017 Particle Nations

After the launch of Unveil (2016), not much time was left in my schedule to pursue a new project, and used my limited time to release the two last Content Patches, for free (Shelters and Sailing) as a thank you to the Unveil community. However, when I thought I was done with video game development due to exhaustion, the unstoppable […]